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Exceeding Your Expectations

MG Electric (Colchester) Ltd. is a British manufacturing company based in the South East of England. Founded in 1945

as an installer and repairer of electrical equipment, our innovative approach to engineering has helped us expand over

the years into four diverse Commercial areas.

As a specialist SME in the manufacturing industry, MGE is committed to providing innovative high quality products backed-up with exceptional customer service from our talented team to make sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

All MGE equipment is manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with ISO 9001 and, for our Medical equipment, ISO 13485 Quality Management Systems, the Medical Device Directive and current European CE Legislation.

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MGE Medical

MGE's SAM medical range of products includes an extensive range of general and specialist suction equipment for ward and theatre, portable devices for ambulance, central system pipeline regulators, nebulisers and accessories.

MGE Print

MGE's PRESSMATE range of equipment includes refrigerated dampening circulators, alcohol control, roller chillers, fount dosers, fount filtration systems, varnish coaters, and combination and RO water treatment units. Pressmate units are designed for use with any sheet fed or web printing press.

MGE Converting & Rewinding

MGE's WEBCON range of Converting Equipment includes fully automatic and semi-automatic systems for rewinding and slitting \ rewinding films, foils and specialist papers.

MGE Machine Tool & Circulation Pumps

MGE have offered a range of centrifugal pumps for over 50 years, initially to the UK machine tool industry but more recently, worldwide in a variety of applications. Over this time, MGE pumps have become synonymous with quality and reliabilty.

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