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Anti-Bacterial and Hydrophobic Suction Filters

Hydrophobic and Anti-bacterial Filters

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SAM Filters

Technical Information

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The MGE Bacterial air filter is a sealed disposable air filter capsule moulded in high impact polystyrene and encapsulates a bonded micro glass fibre disc.

The 0.3 micron particle retention of the filter medium gives not less than 99.985% D.O.P. and provides an effective barrier against aerosol contamination.

The bacterial and hydrophobic filters both have bacterial retention of 99.9999% ensuring safety and hygiene for both patient and operator. The difference however is that the Hydrophobic filter has an integrated micro porous membrane which chemically seals on contact with any liquid providing total protection against fluid overflows.


Both filters can be used to provide protection to SAM units and also are suitable for use in-line on other systems.

The SAM 12, 14, 15, 18, 35, and 36 are all fitted with an internal hydrophobic filter on the pump line which prevents costly pump damage or contamination in the unlikely event of liquids passing through the collection vessel. The Thoracic SAM 17T and 17W are fitted with an internal hydrophobic filter on the gauge line to prevent ingress of foreign material into the gauge.

Spare SAM filters are available in boxes of 24 directly from MGE or our authorised distributors. Only genuine SAM filters have been fully tested and approved for use on SAM equipment.


   Beware of copies - If it doesn’t say SAM on the filter, it’s not a genuine MGE SAM filter

Autoclavable Bottles and Liner Systems 

MGE have our own SAM range of reusable autoclavable bottles that are supplied as standard with our Suction units. In addition, units can also be fitted with a variety of disposable liner systems from other manufacturers on request. Please contact us for further details on the liner systems that can be used.

Medical Suction Unit on Bedside Trolley

Bedside Trolleys 

MGE also supply bedside trolleys for mounting Static units on allowing them to be easily moved around the ward or home and giving a convenient operating height for the Medical Professional or Carer.

Tubing, Yankers and Curettes

MGE hold a full range of Silicon and other tubing in a variety of sizes as well as Yankers. suction cups and liposuction curettes to complement your Suction unit.

Please Contact Us for further details / information.

Medical Suction Cups for Obstetrics and Baby Extraction
Medical Yankers and Silicon Tubing for Suction and Aspiration
Liposuction Cannulas with Medical Suction Device
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