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PQ Pump Range

Datasheet Information

Circulation Pumps

MGE’s PQ range of pumps has superceded the previous DQ series (DQ6 and DQ8). This series of pumps offers a comprehensive range of flow rates and are available in single or 3-phase.


They can be supplied with varying imersion depths of up to 410mm and in single or multi-stage configurations and all pumps are supplied with a stainless steel intake strainer as standard.


The PQ series of centrifugal pumps are suitable for a wide variety of industrial fluids and conform to pump configuration standard DIN 5440 and the electric motor standard EN 60034.

Materials used:

Flange : POM
Base : PPS
Shaft : Stainless Steel 1.4122
Impellor : POM
Diffuser : PP
Intermediate Chamber : PPS
Pump Bottom : PP

Elastomers : NBR

Bearings : Deep Groove Ball

​                  Bearing with cover disc

Pump Flow Rates

Part Numbers for Popular Models

(Click on Part Number to download PDF Datasheet)

120mm Stem Length

PQ01/1/D/120 - 1 ph, 230v, 50/60Hz

PQ01/2/A/120 - 230/400v, 3ph, 50Hz
                            265/460v, 3ph, 60Hz



150mm Stem Length

PQ01/1/D/150 - 1 ph, 230v, 50/60Hz

PQ01/2/A/150 - 230/400v, 3ph, 50Hz

                            265/460v, 3ph, 60Hz

210mm Stem Length

PQ01/1/D/210 - 1 ph, 230v, 50/60Hz

PQ01/2/A/210 - 230/400v, 3ph, 50Hz

                            265/460v, 3ph, 60Hz

PQ01/1/F/210 -  200v, 1ph, 50Hz

                            200-220v, 1ph, 60Hz

270mm Stem Length

PQ01/2/A/270 - 230/400v, 3ph, 50Hz

                            265/460v, 3ph, 60Hz

Circulation and cooling pumps
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