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Air Blast Chillers for UV System Cooling

The Perfect Partner for your Press

UV Cooling System for Printing Press

UV Lamp Temperature Control

Complementing our range of Dampening Equipment, the PressMate range of Air Blast Chillers are the latest generation of MGE’s ancillary products and have been specifically designed to work in conjunction with todays advanced UV Curing Systems ensuring that excess heat generated by the lamps is quickly removed from the lamp housings and surrounding Press area.

Cooling is provided via a combination of high efficiency non-ferous Coil radiators and energy efficient axial fans mounted on the top of the unit. Water circulation around the system is carried out by a centrifugal multi-stage pump.

UV Press Cooling System
25kW CS1250 PressMate Chiller


Two PressMate models are available depending upon the configuration and number of lamps in the system: the CS1250AB and CS1500AB.

The CS1250AB and CS1500AB units provide:


  • 25kW and 50kW cooling capacity for UV Curing Systems

  • Digital temperature display with variable set points

  • Option for Independent fan control for energy efficiency

  • Optional auto-filling \ top up of water reservoir

  • Simple maintenance with multi-piece cabinet design

  • Easy clean stainless steel tanks

  • Minimum number of serviceable components

  • Designed with efficiency and environmental concerns in mind

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