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Ink Roller Chiller Temporising Unit

Ink Temporising Units

Ink Roller Temperature Control

In today's competitive Print Market, productivity and performance are key. Press speeds are continually increasing to meet these demands, however a side effect

of these faster speeds is a rise in heat generation and press temperature. If left unmanaged, these temperature rises can dramatically affect the behaviour of the ink on the press, reducing the consistency and quality of the print output.

MGE's PressMate range of Ink Temporising \ Roller Chilling units have been designed to ensure that consistent temperature profile is maintained in the ink roller trains meaning that even at very high speeds, the press remains at its optimal temperature level.

Ink Temporising System
Ink Roller Chiller Temporising Unit

PRESSMATE RC60, RC100 and RC150


Three PressMate models are available depending upon the size and speed of the press; the RC60, RC100 and RC150.


These units provide:

  • 6kW, 10kW and 15kW cooling capacity using plate heat exchangers

  • 3kW or 6kW heater for cold press starts

  • Variable temperature range with digital display

  • Autofilling for the coolant tank

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