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Semi-Automatic Slitters & Rewinders


MGE's Alpha range of semi automatic machines includes straight Rewinders, Slitter \ Rewinders and also options to include perforation, Turret Arms, Slip Clutches, Airshafts as well as other custom features. They are designed  for converting a variety of films, foils and specialist papers as well as being customisable to cope with very specific customer needs. 

Customer solutions are based around one of the standard three models of machine which come in two different web widths, 610mm (24") or 1040mm (40").


The ability to rewind a selection of materials, multiple slitting operations, a choice of rewind systems, variable tension control and perforation make these machines ideal for standard as well as specialist products and give a perfect solution to a wide variety of converting applications.

Converting and Rewinding Machines

Convert To A 

Better Solution

Airshaft for rewinding machine
PVC PE Film Slitting and converting
Slitting and rewinding converting machines


Alpha I

Straight Rewinder for Film

PVC PE Film rewinder for food wrap and Clingfilm

Alpha II

Straight Rewinder for Film, Specialist Papers

and Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil rewinder and PVC Film rewinder
Slitter rewinder for PVC and PE film

Alpha III

Slitter \ Rewinder for Films

and Specialist Materials

Perforator for PV PE Film Rewinder and Slitter

Alpha III PF

Slitter \ Rewinder

with Perforation for Film

and Specialist Materials

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