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Converting and Rewinding Machines

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Stretchwrap rewinder and PVC Slitter

Alpha III Semi-Automatic

Slitter \ Rewinder

Datasheet Information

The Alpha III is a semi automatic Slitter-Rewinder capable of rewinding a variety

of films. There is a surface driven unwind roller which is controlled by an AC drive on the system and a dynamic braking system is used to accurately slow and stop the roller between operations.

Both the unwind and rewind pressures on the Alpha III are controlled by a dual pneumatic station, and a unique tension system ensures that the finished roll profile is of the highest quality. The finished roll length is precisely measured by an electronic counter using a preset control for slow down.

The Alpha III is MGE's most versatile machine in terms of configuration with options for multiple slitting operations, straight and turret arms on the rewind, chucks \ mandrels or airshafts, pneumatic nip rollers as well as several other customisable adjustments available. The Alpha III is also offered in 2 different

web widths, a 610mm (24”) wide machine and a 1040mm (40”) wide machine depending upon customer needs.

Technical Specifications


Unwind Roller
Maximum Web Width
Minimum Web Width
Maximum Unwind Roll Dia.
Unwind Core Inside Dia.


Rewind Core Max Inside Dia.
Rewind Core Min Inside Dia.
Maximum Rewind Roll Dia.


Maximum Line Speed


Compressed Air
Electrical Requirements
Length Control


Materials Handled



Quick Roll change facility, running on dynamically braked roller.
610mm (24”) or 1040mm (40”) for wider version
20mm (0.75”)
600mm (24”)
76mm (3”) or to customers’ requirements




76mm (3”) or to customers’ requirements
25mm (1”) or to customers’ requirements
Surface driven Rewind
With Turret Arms – 175mm (7”)
With Straight Arms - 350mm (14”)
1000 metres (2750ft) per minute



2 C.F.M. at 85 P.S.I.G. (minimum)
3 Phase 400\440 Volts. 16 Amp supply 50Hz
Electronic PLC Counter with preset control for slow down
Controlled through a custom tension unit, which is variable via a Pulley.
A.C. variable ramp drive, fully adjustable within its speed range from 0-1000 metres per min
Cling Film, PVC, EVA, pallet stretch wrap and Polyethylene.

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