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PVC andPE Stretch Rewinding machine

Epsilon III \ IV Fully Automatic Film \ Foil Rewinder

Datasheet Information

The Epsilon III and IV are a fully automatic Rewinders for foil, film and specialist papers offering different options depending upon the required web width. The Epsilon I supports web widths from 250mm-470mm and the Epsilon II from 350mm-610mm. Customisations on widths are also available.

The machine comes with a variable speed drive, which controls a surface driven pneumatically braked unwind roller, offering the ability for rapid change of the mother roll.

A wide web four position rewind system and lay-on \ spreader roller, combined with an adjustable clutch gives precise control for low tensionless conditions, providing a perfect rewind profile.
The rewind roll length is accurately measured by an electronic counter using a preset control for slow down, while a consistent operation is maintained by an easy access hopper and an automatically fed finished roll output conveyor provides a link to a packaging unit if connected.

The machine can be run in continuous or intermittant modes and can also be fitted with an optional Tape unit for finished roll closure (ideal for foil and paper rolls).

Technical Specifications


Unwind Roller
Maximum Web Width
Minimum Web Width
Maximum Unwind Roll Dia.
Unwind Core Inside Dia.


Rewind Core Max Inside Dia.
Rewind Core Min Inside Dia.
Maximum Rewind Roll Dia.


Maximum Line Speed


Compressed Air
Electrical Requirements
Length Control


Hopper Capacity

Materials Handled



Surface Driven Unwind
470mm (18.5”)
250mm (9.8”)
800mm (32”)
76mm (3”) or to customers’ requirements

50mm (2”) or to customers’ requirements
25mm (1”) or to customers’ requirements
Centre Driven Rewind
120mm (5”)

500 metres (1375ft) per minute



7 – 10 C.F.M. at 85 P.S.I.G. (minimum)
3 Phase 400\440 Volts. 20 Amp supply 50Hz
Electronic Digital Length Counter for accurate control of rewind length
Controlled through a magnetic clutch
A.C. variable ramp drive, fully adjustable within its speed range


250 cores based on 40mm (1.5”) diameter
Cling Film, PVC, EVA and Polyethylene, Aluminium Foil and Specialist Papers

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