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Converting and Rewinding Machines

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PVC Perforating and rewinding machines
Slitting rewinder with perforating

Technical Specifications


Unwind Roller
Maximum Web Width
Minimum Web Width
Maximum Unwind Roll Dia.
Unwind Core Inside Dia.


Rewind Core Max Inside Dia.
Rewind Core Min Inside Dia.
Maximum Rewind Roll Dia.

Production Speed

Maximum Line Speed


Compressed Air
Electrical Requirements
Length Control


Hopper Capacity

Materials Handled



Surface Driven with Quick Roll change mother roll facility
600mm (24”)
250mm (10”)
600mm (24”) for SW, 450mm (18") for UP model
76mm \ 152mm (3” \ 6") or to customers requirements

76mm (3”)or to customers’ requirements
20mm (1”) or to customers’ requirements
Surface Driven rewind
155mm (6”)
3 rolls/min for 300m rolls
1350 metres (3770ft) per minute



7 – 10 C.F.M. at 85 P.S.I.G. (minimum)
3 Phase 400\440 Volts. 20 Amp supply 50\60Hz
Electronic Digital Length Counter for accurate control of rewind length
Controlled via variable tension unit
A.C. variable ramp drive, fully adjustable within its speed range

200 cores based on 40mm (1.5”) diameter (180 cores for UP model)
Cling film/Food Wrap, PVC, EVA, pallet stretch wrap and polyethylene

Epsilon VI PF High Speed Automatic Perforating Film Rewinder

Datasheet Information

The Epsilon VI PF machine is a fully automatic surface driven rewinder. It can rewind and perforate a variety of film types and give improved performance and output over previous MGE and competitor models.

The Epsilon VI series of machines are manufactured to a compact and ergonomic design to ensure ease of operation and minimal maintenance. The fast line speed makes the machine ideal for use in the conversion of longer length film rolls whilst a quick index speed on the rewind ensures an adequate performance for shorter length rolls. A new frame design minimises vibration at top production rates and incorporates improved safety guarding. The ease of operation means that a single operator can control multiple machines, providing possible reductions in operating costs.

Both the unwind and rewind on the Epsilon VI are surface driven with pneumatically controlled winding pressures on each. A variable AC drive and adjustable tension system ensures that the machine can be precisely set to give optimum performance depending on the material being converted. A dynamic braking system is fitted with rewind roll length and braking distances precisely controlled by an electronic counter located on the panel of the machine. The Epsilon VI PF also includes a perforation attachment to allow the addition of Perforation Drums to carry out sheeting and micro perforation of the materials being rewound.

Rewind cores are automatically fed through a large capacity easy access hopper and a ramp loading facility is included for easy handling and loading of heavy mother rolls. The Epsilon VI is also fitted with CE approved safety guards with 4 highly visible machine status lights located on the front to inform the operator when manual intervention is required (add cores, change mother roll, web break, winding issue).

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