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Microsuction for eax wax removal

MGE's SAM range of equipment now includes a specialist unit for use in Microsuction to help in the removal of excess wax from a patient's ear.

The new SAM MS microsuction unit and associated accessories provides a perfect solution to the needs of the Audiologist carrying out the procedure giving reliable strong vacuum when required with a selection of single use microsuction tips and hooks \ loops to ensure quick and safe removal of wax from the aural canal area.

SAM MS - Electric Microsuction Unit

The SAM MS Microsuction unit is a new addition to our SAM range of equipment. It is a high flow, high vacuum unit designed for use by audiologists and other trained staff in microsuction procedures to assist with clearing excess ear wax from the aural canal.

At the heart of the unit is our new MG30 oil free diaphragm vacuum pump that requires minimal maintenance and helps prevent cross contamination. The MG30 also benefits from an enclosed crankcase for quiet operation, IP44 totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) permanent capacitor motor with long life sealed bearings and thermal protection.

SAM MS Microsuction Unit with Assessories for Ear Suction

As standard, the SAM MS is fitted with MGE's autoclaveable SAM 2 collection jar  with a float valve system, providing automatic shut-off to avoid over-flow. Other safety features include an internal hydrophobic filter to minimise the risk of contamination as well as providing a further level of protection to the pump. The SAM MS can also be fitted with a choice of disposable collection systems including VacSax, Abbott and Serres. Other disposable collection systems can also be offered on request.

The unit has a disposable bacterial filter mounted externally on top to provide a barrier for the patient and this can also be upgraded to our external hydrophobic filter if further protection is required.

Microsuction Accessories

In addition to all our standard unit accessories and spare parts, MGE also hold specialist accessories specifically for use in Microsuction procedures. These include 2 different disposable packs gamma sterilised for single patient use.


Pack 1 consists of a Suction Tube and additional fine tip, cleaning rods and a Jobson Horne Probe. Pack 2 again consists of Suction Tube and additional fine tip with cleaning rods but includes a Wax curette.


Each pack can be supplied in boxed quantities of 10 or 50. Details are below or Contact us for more information.

Microsuction Jobson Horne Probe

Pack 1 - Jobson Horne Probe Pack

Contents :

1 x Suction Tube (14 swg) + Cleaning Rod

1 x Fine Suction Tip (18 swg) + Cleaning wire

1 x Jobson Horne Probe

Wax Curette Accessories for Ear Wax removal

Pack 2 - Wax Curette Pack

Contents :

1 x Suction Tube (14 swg) + Cleaning Rod

1 x Fine Suction Tip (18 swg) + Cleaning wire

1 x Wax Curette

SAM Suction - The Next Life They Save Could Be Yours

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