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The SAM range includes specialist suction units and accessories for use in many Obstetrics and Gynaecological procedures

Typically these units provide lower suction flow rates at higher vacuum levels and include the options for wide bore bottles and tubing as well as obstetric suction cups for birthing.


ElectRic Suction Equipment

MGE's standalone SAM units for Gynaecology consist of two specialist units with slightly different performances depending upon whether the unit is for Inter-uterine applications in Operating theatres or a less powerful unit for minor \ day surgery. 

The SAM 36 is MGE's higher specification intra-uterine unit. Designed to produce higher vacuum levels with a lower flow rate and fitted with wide bore collection canisters, it offers a high quality solution where suction is required when performing inter-uterine procedures.


Options are also available for different canister sizes, reusable or disposable liner systems and a choice of foot switches to control the vacuum.

SAM15 with Sam 2 Bottle
SAM 2 Wide bore bottle top sm.JPG

​For day surgery, there is our more compact  SAM 15 unit which is fitted with a single 2 litre wide bore SAM 2 canister and can be configured either as a static unit, fitted with wheels and a handle or mounted on a bedside trolley. A 2 canister version, the SAM 16, is also available.


Suction And ACCessories

Our standard SAM 12 electric suction unit can also be used for Vacuum extraction (Ventouse) procedures where assistance is required during birthing delivery.


The SAM 12 provides strong reliable suction levels and offer an ideal solution when fitted with one of MGE's Obstetric Suction Cups and mounted on our bedside trolley system.

Bedside Trolley with SAM 12.jpg

SAM Suction cups are made from Silicon with a simple hand valve on them to release the vacuum seal as needed. They can be supplied in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.

Contact us for further information.

Obstetric suction cups

SAM Suction - The Next Life They Save Could Be Yours

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