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Portable Medical Suction Unit with battery

SAM 420LX - Portable Homecare Suction

Datasheet Information

The SAM 420LX aspirator is a lightweight suction unit designed for portable / emergency use. The unit provides high flow, high vacuum and is ideal for out-patient and community use.

The SAM 420LX can be run from mains power or from an internal rechargeable battery and comes complete with its own carry case and charger.

Technical Specifications


Battery Suction Unit

Complies with;    MDD 93/42/EEC
                             BS EN ISO 10079-1
                             BS EN 60601-1
                             BS EN 60601-1-2

The unit has a disposable hydrophobic filter mounted externally on the top to provide a barrier for the patient and as standard, the SAM 420LX incorporates an autoclaveable 1000cc collection vessel.

MGE are happy to work with Medical Institutions with specialist requirements for suction equipment. These requirements can be as simple as producing tailor made stands for equipment right up to the development of specific medical units. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements and see how we can assist in providing you with a solution.



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