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Medical Oxygen Flow Meter fo Hospital

Technical Specifications

SAM Oxyflow

Oxygen Flowmeters

Complies with;    MDD 93/42/EEC
                             EN ISO 15002:2008


SAM Oxyflow - Single \ Double Oxygen Flowmeters

Datasheet Information

The new SAM OXYFLOW range of Pipeline Firesafe™ Flowmeters have been designed to precisely control the flow of medical oxygen  from a low pressure supply.

All Flowmeters are back pressure compensated and are fitted with a Flowsafe™ Valve which automatically isolates the oxygen flow in the event of the flow tube being sheared from the flowmeter body, preventing a free flow of oxygen into the hospital ward.


The Flowsafe™ Valve maintains pipeline pressure, removing the need to isolate the ward oxygen supply, upon which other patients maybe dependent. The range has been specifically developed for the acute hospital setting and can be supplied in Single and Double configurations.

Key Benefits of SAM Flowmeters

  • Back pressure compensated

  • Fitted with a Flowsafe™ Valve to automatically isolate the oxygen flow in the event of the flow tube being sheared.

  • Use a Precision Float with a fluted rim that continuously rotates in the gas stream to provide an accurate reading and visual confirmation that gas is flowing.

  • Fitted with Firesafe™ Nozzles, minimising the known risks of fire associated with oxygen therapy. The Firesafe™ Nozzle can limit the impact of an oxygen fire by acting like a fuse and automatically arresting and isolating the oxygen supply.



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