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Hand Operated Emergency Suction for Paramedics

Technical Specifications


Disposable Hand Suction Unit

Complies with;    MDD 93/42/EEC
                             BS EN ISO 10079-2

SAM TVac - Hand Powered


Datasheet Information

The SAM TVAC is a compact, powerful hand-operated suction unit suitable for emergency aspiration. It has a squeezable bulb design able to provide a vacuum level of around 100mmHg.


The vacuum is generated by the expansion of the bulb afer each manual squeeze and the removed fluids are expelled into a collection bag attached to the outlet port.

The capacity of the collection bag is approximately 1000cc. The outlet is also fitted with a non-return valve to prevent fluids being ejected from the bag. No lubrication or battery charging is required as it is a hand operated unit making this lightweight device always ready for use.

Each unit is supplied with;

  • 1 Suction Bulb with integrated collection bag.

  • Disposal Bag and “Biohazard” Label for safe unit disposal

  • Instructions for use

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