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SAM 14 - Minor Operating Theatre Suction

Datasheet Information

SAM 14 Medical Suction Aspirator

Technical Specifications

SAM 14

Minor Operating Theatre

Complies with;    MDD 93/42/EEC
                             BS EN ISO 10079-1
                             BS EN 60601-1
                             BS EN 60601-1-2

The SAM 14 aspirator is a top quality surgical suction unit designed to be highly adaptable. The SAM 14 is a high flow, high vacuum unit ideal for use in general wards, accident and emergency, minor operating theatres, intensive care and also as a backup unit for hospitals and dentistry clinics. Its reputation for reliability and ease of operation has established it among the most widely used units in the medical world today.

At the heart of the unit is our new MG30 oil free diaphragm vacuum pump that requires minimal maintenance and helps prevent cross contamination. The MG30 also benefits from an enclosed crankcase for quiet operation, IP44 totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) permanent capacitor motor with long life sealed bearings and thermal protection.


As standard, the SAM 14 is fitted with 2 autoclaveable SAM 2 collection jars fitted with a float valve system, providing automatic shut-off to avoid over-flow. The easy to use change-over valve allows the operator to switch to the second jar when the first is full providing smooth and uninterrupted suction. Other safety features include an internal hydrophobic filter to minimise the risk of contamination as well as providing a further level of protection to the pump.

The SAM 14 can be fitted with a choice of disposable collection systems including Serres, Abbott, VacSax and Pennine. Other disposable collection systems can also be offered on request.

The unit has 2 disposable bacterial filters mounted externally on top to provide a barrier for the patient and these can also be upgraded to our external hydrophobic filter if further protection is required.

MGE are happy to work with Medical Institutions with specialist requirements for suction equipment. These requirements can be as simple as producing tailor made stands for equipment right up to the development of specific medical units. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements and see how we can assist in providing you with a solution.

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