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Medical Low Vacuum Regulator for Hospital

SAM 53 - Low Vacuum Direct Probe Pipeline Suction

Datasheet Information

The SAM 53 is a compact, lightweight and versatile Pipeline Regulator fitted with a direct Vacuum probe allowing for the unit to plugged directly into a central system wall port.

The SAM 53 can supply a fully variable low vacuum suction level from the central system with its simple twist control knob and also incorporates an easy to view red\green shut off lever.


Technical Specifications

SAM 53

Pipeline Suction

Complies with;    MDD 93/42/EEC
                             BS EN ISO 10079-3

MGE SAM regulators are colour coded yellow for high vacuum, blue for low vacuum and have been designed with important safety features to protect against contamination including;

  • Shut-off valve

  • Overflow trap

  • Pressure relief valve

  • Fitted Bacterial or Hydrophobic filter

The SAM 53 can be used in conjunction with MGE's auotclavable SAM 2 bottles as well as other popular disposable collection systems

Separately, V' brackets are available for wall mounting connected collection jars  or alternatively universal rail clamps for rail systems.

All MGE regulators can be supplied with connection probes to match the appropriate medical standards for the country they are being supplied to.

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