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Light, easy to use, reliable suction with a great battery life are the main requirements needed for an emergency suction unit. 

The SAM e.p.s ticks all those boxes having been specifically designed following conversations with paramedics and other emergency personnel.

Available with a range of accessories including carry straps and powered charging brackets capable of withstanding 20G forces, the SAM e.p.s offers a perfect solution for a battery operated portable Ambulance suction device.

Ambulance & Emergency Vehicles

Portable \ Battery powered  Suction

The SAM e.p.s (emergency portable suction) is MGE's premium emergency suction unit designed with many additional features to make it ideal for use in Ambulances and Paramedic cars and aiding the user when in a mobile situation.

Be it the high visability vacuum display, the simple single twist knob setting to calibrated suction levels or the bright LED side light to assist in low light situations, the e.p.s has been designed to take into account that it is likely to be used in a variety of environments.


​Another unique feature is the rotating Cannister cradle which allows for the unit to be positioned on it's back giving a stable operating base so ideal for laying on uneven terrain, a bed, the seat of a car or whereever the patient may be.


Capable of  30+ litres\minute flow rates and up to 550mmHg vacuum this lightweight portable unit is also powerful and backed up with over 2 hours of battery life when fully charged.

SAM eps suction mounted in Ambulance
SAM eps with SAM1 in open bag.jpg

For a more detailed description of the SAM e.p.s unit, click on the image or alternatively please Contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

Wall brackets, Cases and Carry straps

wall bracket release handle

The SAM e.p.s can be fixed securely in the ambulance using the 20G rated charging bracket which allows for the unit to be used or charged from a 12 or 24 volt supply. The bracket itself has a simple release handle allowing for the unit to be easily removed from its storage position in quick time by the Medic.

A bright durable cover \ case is also available for the SAM e.p.s which stretches over the unit to provide additional protection and includes a zipped front panel fitted with a pocket for filters allowing easy access to the collection cannister. In addition a separate shoulder carry strap can also be fitted either on it's own or in conjunction with the case making the unit even simpler to carry. 

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SAM Suction - The Next Life They Save Could Be Yours

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