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Ambulance Suction with Battery

Technical Specifications

SAM e.p.s

Portable Suction Unit

Complies with;    MDD 93/42/EEC
                             BS EN ISO 10079-1
                             BS EN 60601-1
                             BS EN 60601-1-2
                             BS EN 1789

SAM e.p.s - Emergency Portable Suction

Datasheet Information

The SAM e.p.s portable suction aspirator offers a new benchmark in battery operated suction equipment. These lightweight units are ideal for use by emergency services and incorporate many new innovative features to aid the user during operation

Maximum Performance

Utilising over 50 years of experience in pump technologies, the heart of the SAM e.p.s is MGE’s specially designed portable vacuum pump, the MQ30-12V,  combining high performance with low energy usage to give reliable service with fast vacuum build up and high flow rates. The pump itself requires minimum maintenance and is fully balanced to give smooth and quiet operation.


The SAM e.p.s can be run directly from Mains power or from a 12v\24v power supply. It is also fitted with on-board power utilising the latest battery technologies and power management to ensure that you get maximum running times when the unit is working from the battery. And with a state of the art internal charging circuit, recharging times are exceptionally quick restoring the unit to maximum charge in approximately 2 ½ hours. Replacement of the battery is also quick with easy access to the battery compartment on the rear of the unit.



All components within the unit have been designed to keep the weight to a minimum to allow the unit to be easily carried to where it is needed. In addition, the unit’s centre of balance is such that when picked up by the ‘soft grip’ handle, it sits comfortably in the hand without twisting.

Digital display and Onboard Lighting

The SAM e.p.s controls and display panel are fully illuminated for easy visability during use. However as an additional aid in low light situations, the unit is also fitted with a small but bright LED light capable of lighting the whole unit clearly should it be necessary (e.g. to help when changing filters or piping or to check the liquid level in the collection vessel).

Simple Control

Control of the unit is simple with a single rotating On/Off switch, which is also the vacuum level control. The user can choose from a range of fixed settings based on typical medical requirements, making it easy to operate even if the user is wearing thick protective gloves.

Rotating Bottle

Another new feature is the ability to rotate the collection vessel through 90 degrees using a robust ball joint system fitted on the bottle cradle. This not only allows for easy changing of bottles but also gives the facility for the SAM e.p.s to be laid flat in difficult uneven terrain making it less likely to fall over. And with a BioCloak® coating and IP44D compliant case, damp, dirty uneven outdoor conditions are easily coped with.

Choice of Collection Containers

The SAM e.p.s is fitted with MGE’s SAM 1 autoclavable 1000cc collection bottle. However if required, the SAM e.p.s can also be fitted with a choice of disposable collection systems including Serres, Abbott, VacSax and Pennine. Other systems can also be fitted on request.

Data Logging and Service light

As an aid to medical engineering, usage of the unit is logged and stored in the unit and this can be downloaded to a computer using the optional data cable and download software.
As well as this facility, the unit also has a Service light on it, which is set to illuminate after either 500 hrs usage or 500 battery charges. This allows a visual notification that the unit should be checked and is useful where a machine maybe sitting on a crash trolley and actual usage is hard to predict or measure.


Contamination and cross-infection control are vitally important areas especially in a unit that can be moved around locations both inside and outside and here the SAM e.p.s also excels being fitted with overflow control and also a hydrophobic \ anti bacterial filter as standard.

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