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Higher levels of suction and flow rates are required in the Operating Theatre when compared to other medical areas as well as a larger total cannister capacity for fluids being removed during the surgical process. 

The SAM range includes higher specification electrical units as well as High vacuum regulators for central pipeline systems and suction trolleys with the options for multiple cascaded collection cannisters to be fitted .

Operating Theatre

ElectRic Suction Equipment

MGE's standalone SAM units for the Operating theatre consist of a general all round high vacuum unit for major operations, a unit for minor \ day surgery and two specialist units, one for Inter-uterine applications and one for Thoracic procedures. 

For general surgery, the SAM 35 offers a reliable high vaccum, high flow electric solution for the Surgeon's suction requirements with options for different canister sizes, reusable or disposable liner systems and a choice of foot switches to control the vacuum.

For day surgery, there is our more compact  SAM 14 unit which is fitted with 2 x 2 litre canisters and can be configured either as a static unit, fitted with wheels or mounted on a side trolley to give extra bottle storage capacity.

The SAM 36 is MGE's higher specification intra-uterine unit. Designed to produce higher vacuum levels than the Sam 35, with lower flow rates and fitted with wide bore collection canisters, it offers a high quality solution where suction is required when performing inter-uterine procedures.


And the SAM range also includes our specialist SAM 17T Thoracic suction unit which is the higher specification Theatre version used to assist with drainage and reduce the incidents of lung collapse during chest wound and other Cardiothoracic procedures.

Pipeline regulators, Trolleys And Stands

SAM 50 High Vacuum Regulator

As an alternative to MGE's standalone electric suction systems, we also offer our range of Suction regulators that can be connected to the Hospitals' central vacuum system in the operating theatre.


These can be provided in low and high vacuum specifications and are available in versions that can either be plugged directly into the vacuum port or attached remotely via a vaccum tube to allow for rail mounting or fitting to an MGE trolley system for easy movement.


For our regulator mounted trolley systems, we have our standard SAM 54 fitted with a regulator, 2 x 2 litre cannisters and a 4 metre vacuum connection tube.


In addition custom trolleys can be provided which can offer 4, 8 or even 10 cannister solutions cascaded to help cater for procedures involving high amounts of fluid removal \ irrigation. Contact us for more details.


SAM54 Vacuum regulator trolley

SAM Suction - The Next Life They Save Could Be Yours

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