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MGE's SAM range of equipment includes several options for Suction equipment for use by patients in the community or at home as well as an all round Nebuliser suitable for both children and adults.

If you are an end user, we strongly advise that you seek medical advice and guidance from your medical team \ carer as to what equipment best suits your specific needs as we are unable to give this type of medical advice to you. 

Community \ Home Care Suction Equipment

For a reliable all round electric suction unit that will be based in the care room or used about the house where an electrical supply is present, MGE can offer our SAM 12 Aspirator. 

The SAM 12 is fantastic all round unit that can produce a high vacuum, high flow solution for airway clearance and has the advantage of being quiet in operation and simple to use.

It can be fitted with a single washable 2 litre Collection cannister (which is also autoclavable) or alternatively one of several disposable collection systems available on the market today.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

If a portable \ battery unit is required then MGE can offer two options, our SAM 420lx or our SAM e.p.s suction units. The SAM 420lx is our basic model giving good all round suction and 45 minutes battery life whereas the SAM e.p.s is our more professional premium unit giving longer battery life, higher suction levels, fixed vacuum settings as well as several other additional features.

For further information, click on the images below or Contact us ;

Medical Suction Electric Device

SAM 12

Portable Suction Unit for Ambulance and Crash Cart

SAM e.p.s

Battery Powered Medical Suction

SAM 420lx

Community \ Home Care Nebulisers

The Nivec III is a great all round nebuliser suitable for use by both adults and children. As standard it is supplied with 2 different sizes of mask (Adult and Child) as well as mouth and nose pieces depending upon what delivery is preferred or required

Simple to use, it is a ideal solution for most patients who suffer from respiratory conditions and need treatment at home.

For further information, click on the images below or Contact us ;

Professional Nebuliser for Hospital and Homecare

Nivec III

SAM Suction - The Next Life They Save Could Be Yours

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