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Due to their delicate nature, small children and neonate requirements for suction need to be at far lower levels than those used on adults. 

To meet these requirtements, the SAM range includes a standalone electric unit and a Pipeline regulator both designed specifically for Paediatrics. And for Neonatals,  a specialist version of our emergency portable unit which can run off battery or mains power.

Neonatal Suction


The Neonatal version of MGE's SAM e.p.s portable suction unit was developed following discussions with a Neonatal Transfer Service team who were in the process of renewing their ambulance fleet and could not find a suitable suction solution that specifically addressed the needs of the neonates \ new borns being transported.

Once MGE understood what the limitations were with the existing standard suction units available in the market, we identified that our SAM e.p.s unit could be tailored to suit their specific needs and the SAM e.p.s Neonatal unit was conceived giving the very low levels of vacuum required for their delicate patients.

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Providing a very low vacuum level setting of 40mmHg, the new near silent unit not only solved their simple problem of suction being too noisy but also enabled procedures to be performed during transportation that they previously were unable to carry out.

As the unit is portable and battery operated, it is suitable for any Neonatal transport process, either externally between sites, fitted in ambulances with a powered mounting bracket, or internally within the hospital mounted on a Neonatal transport trolley.

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SAM e.p.s neonatal

Paediatric Suction


The SAM 18 is MGE's Suction unit designed for Paediatric use. It is classified as a low vacuum \ low flow electric unit and can be used both for short procedures or run continuously 24x7x365 as needed. It is a reliable standalone unit and weighing in at under 10kg, it is light enough to carry around or if preferred can be mounted on wheels with a small handle for easy movement. 

In addition, for locations with central vacuum pipeline systems, we also can offer paediatric vacuum regulators. The SAM 52 and SAM 53 Direct and Indirect connection regulators offer easy to use solutions and include many safety features to proect both the patient and central system. 


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Paediatric Medical Aspirator for Suction

SAM 18

Low Vacuum Medical Vacuum Regulator for Hospitals

SAM 52

Low Vacuum Medical Vacuum Regulator for Hospitals

SAM 53

SAM Suction - The Next Life They Save Could Be Yours

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