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The SAM range of equipment includes several options for having Suction available out on the ward by the patients bedside. Whether a standalone unit on the floor, a bedside trolley system or Pipeline regulators, there is a simple, high quality solution that MGE can offer from our SAM range along with accessories and protective filters to match.

Hospital Ward Suction Equipment

There are several options available within the range for getting suction to the patients bedside in the ward. MGE's staple bedside unit is our SAM 12 aspirator which is just a reliable all round electric suction unit giving flow rates of 30 l\min, vacuum up to 650mmHg and capable of running 24 x 7.

In addition, it has the advantage of being quiet in operation, simple to use and can be fitted with a reusable SAM 2 cannister or disposable liner systems.

The unit itself fits well on a side table, can be fitted with a mobile kit (wheels and a handle) or mounted on a bedside trolley with an integrated rail system to assist with storage.

And for when 2 litres of fluid storage is not sufficient, then the SAM 14 can be offered to double that capacity.

Bedside Trolley with SAM 12.jpg
SAM eps on Metro trolley.jpg

And for an ideal emergency suction unit that can be fitted to resusitation \ crash trolleys, the SAM e.p.s provides a great solution either as a standalone unit or mounted on the trolley with  powered wall bracket.

A light, battery operated unit with rotating cannister cradle, on board light, over 30l flow rate and up to 550mmHg vacuum level.

SAM Suction - The Next Life They Save Could Be Yours

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Central System

Vacuum Regulators

For wards which are serviced by the Hospitals' central vacuum system, the SAM range includes several options for vacuum control regulators with low and high vacuum specification. They are available in versions that can either be plugged directly into the vacuum port above the bed or attached remotely via a vaccum tube allowing them to be rail mounted or fitted to an MGE trolley system for easy movement.

SAM 50 Vacuum regulators for medical suction

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